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The AML Company is a boutique company that has provided Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) Risk Analysis to Clubs, Pubs, and Financial Institutions for the past 15 years.  Our business focus is on AUSTRAC regulations as they pertain to gaming machines within Pubs and Clubs. We aim to make compliance with regulations as easy as possible for our clients.

As a part of AUSTRAC requirements, venues are required to:

  • Hold an up-to-date AML/CTF Program;
  • Staff are required to undertake AML/CTF Training (in line with the AML/CTF Program); and
  • The AML/CTF Program requires a regular Independent Review.

We can assist with all of the above requirements.

We provide venues with an up-to-date AML/CTF Program, which involves us meeting one-on-one with the Licensee to fully explain the Program and the most efficient way of complying with it.  We then provide the venue with required reporting templates that can be used to fulfill AUSTRAC reporting obligations.  We understand this is a lot of information to hand over in one meeting, so we are always available should your Management team require further assistance in implementing the Program.

Why use us?

Over 10 years

The AML Company has been assisting Pubs & Clubs for over 10 years with AUSTRAC Gaming Compliance.

Compliance Program

The AML Company assists pubs and clubs with their aml - Anti-Money Laundering compliance program and meeting KYC - Know Your Client KYC obligations.

Easy AUSTRAC Compliance

We have taken the 400+ pages of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act and condensed it down to an AML program that is suitable for the pub and club industry

AUSTRAC compliance

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Need assistance meeting your AUSTRAC compliance requirements?

Use a tried and tested AML/CTF Compliance Program. With significant fines for individuals and venues, don't risk it.

Prevent Money Laundering

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Protect your business from criminal money-laundering behaviour.

Establish a Compliance Program, implement anti-money laundering processes and procedures. Elect a compliance officer and train your staff.

Get the support your venue needs

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Implementing a new compliance program can be difficult for a business. The AML company is here to support you through your program implementation and beyond. We offer business templates, staff training, and onsite compliance program implementations.

Our Process

  • 01


    You fill out our 'Fact Find' sheet and provide us with your venues details.

  • 02


    We arrange a meeting to visit you at the venue and run through your AML/CTF program.

  • 03


    The program and associated processes are implemented into the venue to comply with AUSTRAC AML/CTF guidelines

  • 04


    All gaming staff require specific AML/CTF Gaming Machine training.

  • 05

    Ongoing review

    On an annual basis your program and processes require an independent review

AML/CTF Compliance Program

The AML Company assists pubs and clubs with their aml – Anti-Money Laundering compliance program and meeting KYC – Know Your Client KYC obligations.

As an AUSTRAC reporting entity, you are required to comply with the AUSTRAC Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. Therefore, your AML/CTF Program should ensure you comply with the AML/CTF rules and obligations. That is to say, your AML Program is a guide outlining how your business will comply with the AML/CTF Rules.

We have taken the 400+ pages of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act and condensed it down to an AML program that is suitable for the pub and club industry. Thus, making your AUSTRAC compliance easier.

There are two major sections to an AML/CTF program, Part A and Part B.

Part A, the first section, covers the general structure you have in place to handle your AML requirements. In this section, you:

  •  Establish who your AML compliance officer is and what their responsibilities are.
  •  Outline that you understand the Consequence of non-compliance with AML laws.
  •  Establish the responsibility of Senior Management to oversee the Program.
  •  Outline how AUSTRAC Feedback will be taken on board and incorporated into your business.
  •  Conduct a full risk assessment of your business and, more specifically, your money laundering risks.
  •  Set out how you will report to AUSTRAC, and of course that we will be helping with that process.
  •  Implement a training plan that specifies how your staff will be receiving their AML awareness training program.
  •  Put in place an Employee due diligence program, which is to document that you are aware of who you have working for you and if they may be aiding in money laundering.
  •  Establish a plan to have an Independent Review of the Program annually.

Part B, the second part of the program, covers how you deal with your customers. In this section you:

  •  Highlight circumstances when customer identification is collected.
  •  Outline procedures for collecting customer identification.
  •  Display an easy to use form and a cheat sheet for staff to use, which in conjunction with staff training will ensure they know what they need to do and when to do it.
  •  Establish a record-keeping process for your venue.

Ensuring we make use of existing procedures observed from our many clients, we reduce the impact on your business. For example, current systems such as getting a driver’s licence when issuing a cheque will already exist in the venue. Making use of existing procedures helps ensure staff and customers are not put out by venue KYC requirements.
The most important feature of this program is that it is not an off-the-shelf document. AUSTRAC wants to see that you have considered your money laundering risks and acted appropriately. To this end, we work with you directly to ensure that this AML Program is not an off the shelf document. When combined with our training services, this forms a complete package that meets all of your AML obligations.

What our clients say

Caroline Porter | Licensee, Collingwood Hotel

I have been with AML Company for 7 years. They provide assistance with our Hotels AUSTRAC including training courses for staff, the compliance report and queries that come up in regards to money laundering. As a service, they are fast responding, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in identifying areas where we need to comply. Last year, they were proactive throughout the process when we were audited by Gaming and Racing NSW, as a result, nothing was found. They were incredible throughout this time, I am more than happy to recommend them.

Lex Elson-White | Group Gaming Manager

I highly recommend The AML Company. They alleviate any concerns I have regarding AUSTRAC and AML/CTF Regulations. The AML Company is always quick to respond and available to assist with our phone calls and emails at any time of day. They are a great support for our business and go above and beyond at a very competitive price.

Nikki Carden | Harbord Beach Hotel

We have been a customer of The AML Company for many years now. They provide us with everything we need to ensure we always have a fully compliant AML/CTF Program. They explain our requirements clearly and make procedures so simple. I highly recommend The AML Company to any business who has to comply with AUSTRAC regulations.

Scott Williams | Licensee, Tatts Hotel Inverell

When we increased our gaming floor at the end of 2018, little did I know about our AUSTRAC requirements. The first year was a nightmare, so when I heard about The AML Company, I decided to investigate. In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions I made in 2019. For a very reasonable cost, this year was a breeze. All the staff did their training, and the team was so helpful and took us through the whole process with ease. I would highly recommend The AML Company to anyone in the gaming industry.

Scott Young | Licensee, Churchills Sports Bar

The AML Company assist us with all of our AML/CTF Compliance requirements.  They helped us implement the AML/CTF Program and provided all the necessary tools to remain compliant with AUSTRAC. The AML Company respond to our queries almost immediately, at no additional charge. We are extremely happy with their service and price.

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